Debt Management

Debt affects people from all different walks of life, quite often it is a change in their circumstances that brought the issue to a head. Keith Meredith the authorised debt counsellor at New Start Financial Solutions is professional, personal, confidential and sympathetic. It is often hard to speak about your financial situation when it isn’t good, but Keith has time for everybody; it is often better to speak to somebody that you don’t know about something so personal as your debts.

The advice offered is free, if it is appropriate for ongoing help to be necessary, There are free services available but they do not work up to a professional quality of service a professional debt management solutions company. Keith and the administration team Shall from receipt of your instruction, work towards getting your debts under control within a timely period, we shall endeavour to put your creditors at ease with your financial situation our advice is ongoing an up to date.

Get in touch with us at and we shall arrange for a specialist to call you back with no obligation.

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