Packaged Bank Accounts

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Upwards of 11 million people have had a fee-based packaged bank account! These kind of accounts oftenly came ‘packaged’ with some kind of insurance cover… possibly travel or mobile phone insurance – it is now widely recognised that most fee charging bank accounts were mis-sold, this includes the big banks too!

If you have ever paid a monthly fee for your bank account which could be as much as £35 per month; it is possible that you have a claim and a full refund of fees paid + an additional compensatory interest. The average claim is over £800.

A claim through our claim service partners couldn’t be simpler.

• Contact us by email or on our contact page

• Our friendly advisors will have a quick chat to determine if you have a claim

• We send out your paperwork for you to read & sign

• We will start your claim when forms are returned

• Updates on claim progress will be given to you throughout the process

• We aim to have a turn round in 8-10 weeks

Why use your claims partners to manage my claim?

• We work on a NO WIN NO FEE basis

• Family business – there are no pillars or posts here

• Excellent claim record

• Success fee 27.5% of refund

• Out of office service – eyes open we are open!

What to do now…

• Check current and old bank statements to see if you are or have paid a fee
• Contact us as soon as you know
• We will ease you through the process

Get in touch with us at and we shall arrange for a specialist to call you back with no obligation.

If you would like to find out more by completing our enquiry form above.