Personal Injury Claims

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Claiming Compensation

More than 3 million are involved in accidents and injured every year be it at home, at work, outside or in their cars. Mostly in these cases someone else is at fault and the victims have a right to compensation.

Even though the law revolving around injury is complicated, there is help on the horizon, with the guidance of a personal injury solicitor, the process of making a claim can be relatively straightforward. Most solicitors offer a free 1st consultation to establish whether or not you have a justifiable claim to compensation. The solicitor will be by your side through dealings with the insurance companies to ensure that all circumstances are fully considered.

In order to establish the details for your case, your solicitor will require:

  • The date of the incident, the location and the cause of the incident
  • Contact details for any witnesses
  • Details of your injures, medical diagnosis and the treatment received for your injuries
  • Whether or not your are a member of a trade union or if you have legal expenses insurance policies as this may allow you free or reduced cost legal representation

Additionally, your solicitor may also request:

  • Proof regarding any loss of earnings and other financial expenses as a result of your injury
  • Any documents relating to any insurance policies that you may have i.e. house or car insurance to see whether or not they can cover the cost of your claim.
  • Any additional evidence that may support your claim such as documents from before your accident or any incidents with similar circumstances

Making A New Claim

If you have all or some of the above information available to you and believe that you are entitled to compensation,

Get in touch with us at and we shall arrange for a specialist to call you back with no obligation.

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